Mechatronics and robotics

JSC Santavilte develops, manufactures and implements mechatronics and robotics systems. We find the optimal solution that optimizes the former process, speeds up and improves the quality of products.

We also automate all the adjacent processes that we combine into a single system. This allows not only to monitor or diagnose system failures, but also to predict possible installation wear or failures (predictive maintenance). Where unauthorized human intervention in a robotic system is possible, we select and use safety systems which meet all human-machine requirements. We perform safety system reliability calculations.

To improve and diagnose product quality, we use Vision technologies, which are based on images collected from video cameras to determine product quality or obtain information. The obtained information is used for production accounting and traceability (QR Codes, barcodes, RFID…). This technology also allows to determine the orientation, position and dimensions of the product, thanks to these parameters we adapt the process mechanisms and / or production, ensuring continuous process work.

All incoming information is stored and transmitted to servers where, even after a long period of time, it can be analyzed.

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