Field Box Accesories

Accessories Fieldbus Box

Accessories Fieldbus Box

In addition to the extensive program on the Fieldbus Box modules, Beckhoff also offers the matching accessories for easy and rapid wiring. In addition to the pre-assembled cables in various length, field assembly connectors and cables are also available for maximum flexibility:

Cable sets and connectors

Power leads: pre-assembled leads for connection and further distribution of the electrical power

Fieldbus system accessories

Accessories for Ethernet, PROFIBUS, Modbus, RS232, RS485: distribution systems, termination resistors and plugs and couplings for field assembly

IP-Link accessories: fibre optics for connecting the Coupler Box with the Extension modules

Cordsets for PROFIBUS, Modbus, RS485: pre-assembled fieldbus cables in various lengths

Sensor leads: leads for connecting sensors and actuators in multiple connector variations

Accessories for CANopen, DeviceNet: distribution systems, termination resistors, etc.

Accessory sensors: plugs and couplings for field assembly in threaded, soldered and insulation displacement terminal types, power distribution box

Cordsets for CANopen, DeviceNet: pre-assembled fieldbus cables in various lengths


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