Industrial PC series C63xx

Industrial PC series C63xx

The C63xx series of Industrial PCs has been designed for control cabinet installation. The Industrial PCs of this series and a Beckhoff Control Panel with DVI and USB connection as operating unit make an ideal combination, representing a powerful platform for machine construction and plant engineering applications, for example with the TwinCAT automation software under Windows Embedded Standard or Windows XP Professional.

The C63xx series of Industrial PCs has been designed for fitting into control cabinets. The compact housing is equipped with a slot motherboard for Intel® Core™ Duo or Core™2 Duo. One or three free PCI slots are available. The graphic adapter and two Ethernet adapters are already on-board and do not occupy a slot. The use of a fieldbus interface card transforms the C6320 into a very compact, high performance machine control. In addition, the C6330, C6335 and C6350 offer a CD/DVD-ROM or multi DVD drive and are only 14 mm wider than the C6320, C6325 and the C6340.

All PC connections are on one side of the housing. The PC can optionally be equipped with mounting plates on two sides and fastened with screws in the control cabinet. In terms of the photo, installation is possible at the rear panel or on the right-hand panel.

For maintenance purposes, the internal chassis can be removed from the external housing. When removed, the inner chassis still has the full function of a PC and can be operated with a standard USB keyboard and a standard DVI display.

The PCs of this series are supplied with a 24 V DC power supply unit.

The DVI and USB interfaces supplied with the basic configuration enable the connection of a Control Panel. An Industrial PC of this series and a Beckhoff Control Panel as its operating unit create an ideal combination.

The C6325 and C6335 enable fanless operation up to 45 °C. The use of a Compact Flash or solid-state disk SSD instead of a hard disk in the C6325 creates a PC without moving parts.

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