AG1000 Planetary gear units for AS1000

AG1000 | Planetary gear units for AS1000

Beckhoff offers special planetary gears for Stepper Motors in order to increase the torque or to improve the inertia ratio. Stepper Motors whose flanges have dimensions of 56 mm or above can be fitted with low-backlash planetary gears. If the planetary gear is ordered along with the Stepper Motor, the combination of motor and gear is delivered fully assembled.

Technical dataAG1000+-PMaa.i
Type of gearplanetary gear
Life span< 10,000 h
Lubricationlubricated for life
Installation positionvariable
Protection classIP 43, AS1060: IP 20
Sizes2 sizes (PM52, PM81)
Gear ratios2 gear ratios; 1-stage with i = 3.7 or 6.75


123.84€ Ex Tax: 102.35€

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