TX1000 | TwinCAT CP

TX1000 | TwinCAT CP

TwinCAT CP is a driver for the Beckhoff Control Panels CP6xxx and CP7xxx, the industrial operating and display devices.

Control Panels are optimised for use as a human-machine interface. Operating and display elements create an independent unit, separated from the PC by a simple cable link.

TwinCAT CP creates the driver connection between general Windows programs and the operating and display elements on the Beckhoff Control Panel:

  • direct switches for fast machine functions
  • switch feedback by LEDs
  • UPS support

The driver permits variable-oriented operation of the Control Panel’s functions by the Windows programs.

TX1000 | TwinCAT CP

Technical dataTX1000 | TwinCAT CP
PC hardwarestandard PC/IPC hardware, no extras
Operating systemsversion-dependent: Windows 7/10, Windows CE
Real-timeBeckhoff real-time kernel as a component of TwinCAT
User programUser program running in user mode which can, for instance, run cyclically as a multimedia task (“soft” real-time). Access to the I/O process image is provided via cyclical calls of DLL functions.
Memoryonly limited by the size of the computer’s RAM
Programmingapplication program in any high-level language, e.g. C++, Delphi
Debuggingvia the standard debugging tools of the high-level language used
I/O systemkeys, LEDs and UPS functionality of the Beckhoff CP6xxx, CP7xxx Control Panels together with the Beckhoff CP9030/CP9035 plug-in card
ConnectivityOPC, Beckhoff ADS OCX/DLL (Automation Device Specification)
Ordering information
TX1000license for using the driver for the Beckhoff Control Panel, providing communication with general Windows programs


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